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A & B Hunting and Ranching offers a wide variety of specials for your weekend get-a-way or special occasion. We have a Southern pine log cabin – rental, available for all occasions. Take a quick look A&B can be your special party location for a great time with fellow hunters, families or even host a Wine Tasting!

CHECK OUT OUR SOUTHERN PINE LOG CABINS, REGULAR LOG CABINS, AND CEDAR CABINS STARTING IN THE $27,000.00 RANGE ! These log cabins are licensed as a “Recreational Cottage” and are registered as an R.V. through the DMV. No homowners taxes and no homeowners insurance!!! They can be moved from deer lease to deer lease, or moved to be used as a lake house or retirment home.

East Texas Hog Hunting leases

The budget conscious or more rugged wild boar hunting person will love our unbeatable specials, and the VIP Hog Hunting Packages will spoil you dearly. True East Texas hog hunting at its best!

No need to worry about 30 hunters on the same lease! Our hog hunting leases only allow a maximum of 6 hunters per day on the property. This gives you plenty of wide open space to enjoy a quality hunt. We also provide a generous variety of services which can be added to any hunt. Simply view the Wild Hog Hunting Extras list at the bottom of our Hog Hunting page.

Daniel Boone Special:

$110 per Hunter and it includes 1 Hog FREE (up to 150 lb)!

You will be hard pressed to find a better offer on the Web!

See our Hog Hunting page for details.

We have electric deer feeders, static deer feeders, and drop hog feeders at all of our tree stands and scattered throughout the ranch. Specialty foods are put out for walk and stalk hog hunting to increase the hog draw. We also have night lighting available for hunters to help with vision on your night hog hunts.

One Shot Morris

Our East Texas Hog Hunting leases are located on a remote land area with three separate tree lined fields on the property. All lease areas have a large creek to hunt, making it perfect for shotgun and small rifle varmint hunting as well as open pasture land for that open rifle shot.

Dove hunting is easy to limit out as you walk along sunflower covered tree lines and fence lines. Our neighboring farms have fields of maize, corn, oats, wheat, etc, and our 3 water sources are an oasis for dove!

Deer hunters take note! We are currently building our deer population for the 2011 hunting season.  Check back for new deer lease rates when they are available.

Located 90 minutes (45 miles) Northeast of Dallas Texas, our hog hunting leases also offer plenty of wheat and sunflower fields keeping the dove plentiful in the Fall dove hunting season. Have fun anywhere on our property varmint hunting (Opossum, Armadillo, Raccoon, Rabbit, Squirrel) and predator hunting (Bobcat, Coyote, Mountain Lion, Cougar, Ringtail Cat, Fox).

All of our East Texas Hog Hunting leases include your choice of several two-man tree stands scattered throughout the property, or for the more experienced hunter, choose from a camo-tent blind or a walk and stalk hunt (hunting guides available too).

Safety is always on a hunter’s mind. Be assured, our custom made parachute harnesses keep any hog hunter safe in the tree stands. As well, all tree stands have a restraining safety bar (shooting bar). Bring your kids for a fun day of youth hunting in beautiful East Texas!

Simple Pricing on East Texas Hog Hunting Leases:

Hunters often need a calculator to estimate the true cost of a hunt. At A&B Hunting, we do our best to make our hog hunting leases very competitive, easy to understand and the best value possible. Please see our Hog Hunting page for details on all East Texas hog hunting leases.

To reserve your hunt or ask questions, please Contact Us at:

Email:  abhunting@verizon.net

Drake Reinhart at 469-360-6160