Dove Hunting

Texas Dove Hunting Leases

Enjoy East Texas dove hunting on our private 150 acres of property strategically managed as a great dove hunting lease. Surrounded by neighboring farmland (fields of maize, corn, oats, wheat, etc) with long sunflower covered tree lines and fence lines, we think our property is a great dove hunting secret just waiting for you. And dove love it too!

Our property has one large pond located in an open field plus a large wooded creek running through the middle of the property. Both water sources will help maximize your end-of-day hunting dove that are very thirsty from eating all day in adjacent fields.

We want every dove hunter to have successful hunt!

Our generous day-lease dove hunting packages are designed for the person who loves all day dove hunting. You can start your morning dove hunt about an hour before sun up and dove usually stop flying about noon. You might get a short break and let your gun cool off, however, later in the afternoon get ready because dove hunting picks up again about 4:00 p.m. and goes until sunset.

Projected Texas Dove Hunting Open Seasons
(North Zone 2010 – 2011)
Sept. 1 – Oct. 11, 2010
Dec 5, 2010 – Jan 2, 2011

Select from any of our day-lease dove hunting packages below and contact us to reserve your hunting dates. Book Opening Weekend Soon! Space is still available!

Day-Lease Dove Hunting

2 hunters = $90/ea
4 hunters = $= 75/ea
6 hunters = $= 60/ea
Single hunters = 200  (or, just bring a friend and only pay $90 EACH!)
Non-Hunters $45/day
Booked dove hunts are for dove hunting all day (or until you bag your limit)
Areas selected day of hunt based upon 1st paid gets 1st choice, etc.

Note: Hunting partners assigned as need to complete 8 hunters per day capacity. No refunds for no-show. Rescheduling allowed, subject to availability.

Private Day Hunting
Reserve the entire property, no other hunters added
(Single hunter up to 8 hunters)

1-Day Price: $530
2-Day Price: $880 (or, $55/hunter for 8 hunters, per day)
Non-Hunters $45/day
Booked dove hunts are for dove hunting all day (or until you bag your limit)

Note: No refunds for no-show. Rescheduling allowed, subject to availability.

Things to bring when Dove Hunting:

  • You must have in your possession a valid Texas hunting license
  • Out-of-state hunters can obtain a Non-Resident 5 day Small game Hunting License by calling Texas Parks & Wildlife 1-800-895-4248.
  • Your own Shotgun
  • Ammo/Shotgun shells (12, 16 and 20 gauge; 8 or 9 shot size is best)
  • Ice chest and drinks
  • Chair or hunting stool
  • Protective eye wear
  • Ear plugs
  • High top boots
  • rain slicker
  • bird bag (or have game pouch/vest)

Full payment for your dove hunting package must be received to reserve your dove hunting lease date(s). Contact Us to schedule your dove hunt, the number of hunters in your hunt. We will email you a PayPal invoice or you can send payment by Western Union. As well, the Liability Waver/Rules and Regulations Form must be signed and faxed to 972-315-3322 before hunts are reserved.

For the best hunting experience, please book all hunts in advance. Not reserving your hunt in advance is discouraged. If you show-up without a prepaid lease, there is a $200 admin charge added for each hunter (and/or you run the risk of the day’s hunt being sold out in advance).

Note: We are not equipped to care for handicapped people or those with special needs.

See  Rules and Regulations for more information.

For additional pricing and questions, contact us at or please call April at 972-315-3322 or 469-360-6160.

Dove Hunting Hints-n-Tips

Dove in Texas thrive in open or semi-open land areas where grain crops are farmed, and prefer to eat on bare ground where they can peck around for seeds and gravel (aid in digestion). Some of the most ideal dove hunting places are going to be large, open cultivated fields (sunflower, maize, wheat and dove weed are desirable) and containing several bodies of fresh drinking water.

As a migratory species, dove are not limited to local areas for food and water, but have been known to travel considerable distances to find what they want. The paths they fly are often referred to as a natural flyway in between the roost and feeding fields.

Although dove are known to travel far, they prefer easy access to food and water, especially if they are close to roosting and nesting areas. Hunting in these areas are going to be the best.

The best morning and afternoon dove hunting is found in feeding areas (fields). You can pick a good spot along a fence or tree line to sit all day and wait for the dove to fly by, or walk the tree and fence lines to flush the dove out.

Later in the day dove are well known for heading to the nearest source of water for a drink before going to roost.  Hunters often use this knowledge to help them get their limit at the end of the day.

Avoid hunting near areas with heavy, densely-matted vegetation. Dove generally will not feed in these areas and you could have a poor dove hunting experience.

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See  Rules and Regulations for more information.

For additional pricing and questions, contact us at or please call April at 972-315-3322 or 469-360-6160.