Rules & Regs



  1. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
  2. Base pricing is subject to change without notice any time prior to
    reserving a hunt.
  3. Pricing is often tied to size of your hunting party. A hunting
    party is defined as a group of hunters all together on the same
    day(s), and us dealing with one person for deposit, confirmation
    and balance due. Separate checks equals separate parties.
  4. A hunt is reserved when the hunter commits to sending a deposit.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed to by all parties, a deposit shall be 100% or
    more of the basic cost of any hunt.
  6. Reserved hunts are held for 5 mailing days only to allow for
    deposit delivery.
  7. A hunt is not “booked” until a deposit is received and clears the bank.
  8. Once booked, the base terms of a hunt are considered set in stone, unless
    all parties agree to any changes.
  9. Pricing for additional animal and/or service options at the time of the
    hunt, are still subject to change at any time, unless paid in advance.
  10. A deposit is the hunter’s assurance that they will make the hunt. Hunters pay a booking fee of 100% in advance that is non-refundable.
  11. If a hunt is canceled by hunter(s), there will generally be no deposit
    returned. Provided that you give us plenty of notice (at least 30 days),
    we will make every effort to allow you to change your hunting dates
    to another opening for that same hunt. We will also try to allow you to
    switch to some other hunt open on a date you can go, or you could send
    another hunter to take your place, but if nothing can be arranged that
    season, you will lose your deposit. A no show deposit is forfeited and may
    NOT be applied to the balance due of other hunters in the same party.
    PLEASE understand, we don’t want anyone to be out of their money, but
    well before you come down to hunt with us we are already out a lot of
    money in lease fees, advertising, insurance, equipment, feed, etc. If we
    are unable to book someone else in your place, we lose all of that. Also
    consider, if we don’t hunt, we don’t make any guide fee. If the hunt is canceled by us for a reason other than weather, all deposit moneys will be returned. We can not control the weather, so hunts canceled due to extreme weather will not qualify for a refund.
    We will attempt to reschedule within that same hunting season.
  12. We will not be responsible for moneys spent by hunter(s) for hunt
    preparation prior to our cancellation.
  13. Unless stated otherwise, the balance due on a hunt is to be PAID IN
    EXACT CASH upon arrival at the hunt site. No checks will be accepted.
  14. Harvest fees, if applicable, are due in cash or cash equivalent (money order, cashier’s check) at time of harvest, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  15. A harvest is any animal leaving blood or other bodily fluids, or exhibiting any indication of being hit, whether the animal is actually recovered or not; no exceptions to this policy. While on the hunt, all participants are expected to act in a safe and sportsmanlike manner at all times. Anyone not acting in a safe and/or sportsmanlike manner in the opinion of any A & B Hunting staff member may be made to leave and no refund of any kind will be offered.
  16. A liability waiver must be signed by all participants prior to any hunt related activities occurring.
  17. Each partnered farm has their own rules in addition to our policies. These are normal things for East Texas, like; no smoking in any four-wheeler or blind, and no littering of any kind. We also have a wet weather rule, “no driving when wet enough to leave ruts”. Please check the rules for your hunt BEFORE booking if you think obeying them may be “to hard for you to swallow!” We want you to have a great time and leave the ranch in the same shape you found it.
  18. No sighting-in of guns
  19. No target practice
  20. No random shooting – only shoot at the animal you are trying to kill
  21. Friday afternoon through Sunday at noon hunts are considered to be only two days of hunting.
  22. Hunting Methods: Rifles, shotguns, bows, pistols and crossbows. You can hunt from stands or stalk them. Climbing stands are not allowed.
  23. All guests must sign a release at the time of arrival.